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My Timers

Mutiple timers in one convenient location: your iPhone or iPad!
Type in the name of what you are timing
Each timer provides setting for hours (24 hours), minutes, and seconds.
Timers run independently and can be adjusted as they are running.

  • Timer is white when idle.
  • Timer is green while running.
  • Timer is yellow while running and time remaining is less that three minutes.
    When time drops below three minutes, a higher-pitched bell will sound three times.
  • Timer is red when expired and the timer will start counting up.
    This show you how much overtime has transpired. Stop the alarm by tapping the alarm icon. When time is expired, a bell will sound until the timer is canceled.
  • Running timers will continue if you dismiss the application.
  • When you restart the application, timers will continue; taking into account the duration that the application was idle.
  • If a timer expires after MyTimers is dismissed, an alarm will sound and a notice will tell you which timer expired.

Please tap "Allow" when you see this request. It is required for a backgrounded app to let you know when a timer expires.




Use to...


Start the time.


Pause the timer.


Stop the alarm.


Reset the timer.

Remember: The timer wheels can be adjusted anytime.


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