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Welcome to the
all about MBrot7

MBrot7 is a simple iPhone application you use to easily create an infinite number of beautiful images from a mathematic set called the Mandelbrot set.


What is the opening turtle shape I see?

The turtle shape is the full Mandelbrot set. The fun is in the edges which are the yellow and green colored areas in the image to the left.

MBrot7 allows you to change the colors in the images .


How do I generate beautiful images?

The images are easy to generate.

  • Spread two fingers out to zoom in. Keep zooming to discover even more amazing images.
  • Pinch two fingers in to zoom out.
  • Hold one finger on the screen to slide the image around (pan). When you pan, the activity indicator is displayed in the center of the screen and you can use this to place your area of interest directly in the center.

After you zoom or pan, wait a few seconds and the image will regenerate in fine detail.

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Slide Controls


Use to...



View saved images in a grid.

  • When you want to look at your saved images, click the folder icon to open up a grid view.
  • With one or two taps, you can select the image from the grid.
  • With three taps, you can delete an image from the grid and from your saved images folder.


Save image.

Save an image to permanent storage so you can always have it.


Put the current image into your photo album.

Use photo album features to email images and save them to your home computer.


Return to the original scale Mandelbrot set.

Start a fresh exploration.


Go to the previous image.

See all the previous images you have created. Think of the images arranged in a circle. The previous image of the first image is the most recent one created.


Go to the next image.

See all the images you have created. With the images arranged in a circle the next image of the most recent one created is the first image.